When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new, dated version is released. The current version is 3 (2022-10-12). A change is considered backwards-incompatible when under the following conditions:

  • Resources or fields are removed from responses
  • The meaning (Type) of an attribute changes

Note that the version of an API does not increase when new resources are added or when new fields are added to a resource. Read our API upgrades guide to see our API changelog and to learn more about backwards compatibility.

All requests use your account API settings, unless you override the API version. The changelog lists every available version.

To set the API version on a specific request, you can add the Ir-Version querystring parameter or IR-Version header.

You can visit your account API settings to upgrade your API version. As a precaution, use API versioning to test a new API version before committing to an upgrade.


Upgrading your current account API version may break existing API calls that you have in place. As such, use caution when upgrading versions.

Versioning Examples

curl 'https://api.impact.com/Agencies/<AccountSID>/CompanyInformation' \
	-d 'Ir-Version=3' \