Clicks overview

Clicks are referral events representing when you have sent traffic from your media property (e.g., website, app, etc.) to a brand's property, such as their online store. Clicks can also be referred to as taps if working with mobile apps. Payouts are typically made to you if you drive the winning click (which is most commonly the last click) for a conversion event. The click object holds information about a click event. You can retrieve a click as well as list all clicks.

You can schedule a job to export daily clicks as a CSV file. The API call will return an object describing the initial job status, a URI to poll for status updates, and a URI to download the job result file. You can check the status of a job using the Jobs endpoint.

If this call was made before with exactly the same set of input parameters, information on the previously scheduled job will be returned instead of a new job being scheduled.