List all deals

Returns a list of deals based on a specified campaign.


Scope optional

To what extent the deal applies to the store.

Possible enum values
PRODUCTDeal only applies to a specific product or a specific group of products.
CATEGORYDeal applies to a category of products.
ENTIRE_STOREDeal applies to the entire store.

State optional

State of the deal.

Possible enum values
ACTIVEDeal is currently active.
EXPIREDDeal is not currently active.
PENDINGDeal is currently waiting for approval.

Type optional

What the deal does.

Possible enum values
GENERAL_SALEDeal applies a general discount to the products identified in Products.
FREE_SHIPPINGDeal applies free shipping to the order.
GIFT_WITH_PURCHASEA gift will come with the order.
REBATEA rebate will be available to the customer upon purchase.
BOGODeal will apply a buy-one-get-one deal to the order.


Returns an array of deal objects up to a limit dictated by @pagesize. Each entry in the array is a separate deal object. If no deal objects meet the criteria, the resulting array will be empty. This request should never return an error.

Example Request

curl '<AccountSID>/Campaigns/<CampaignId>/Deals' \
  -X GET \
  -u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -d 'CampaignId=8882' \
  -d 'Scope=ENTIRE_STORE' \
  -d 'State=ACTIVE' \
  -d 'Type=FREE_SHIPPING' \

Example Response

  "@page": "1", 
  "Deals": [
      "Id": "1234",
      "Name": "ACME Deal",
      "Description": "This is the latest deal by ACME! Check it out!",
      "CampaignId": "8882",
      "State": "ACTIVE",
      "Type": "FREE_SHIPPING",
      "Scope": "ENTIRE_STORE",
      "Public": "FALSE",
      "Products": [],
      "Categories": "",
      "DiscountType": "FIXED",
      "DiscountAmount": "",
      "DiscountCurrency": "",
      "DiscountPercent": "",
      "DiscountMaximumPercent": "",
      "DiscountPercentRangeStart": "",
      "DiscountPercentRangeEnd": "",
      "Gift": "",
      "RebateAmount": "",
      "RebateCurrency": "",
      "DefaultPromoCode": "",
      "MinimumPurchaseAmount": "",
      "MinimumPurchaseAmountCurrency": "",
      "MaximumSavingsAmount": "",
      "MaximumSavingsCurrency": "",
      "BogoBuyQuantity": "0",
      "BogoBuyScope": "",
      "BogoBuyName": "",
      "BogoBuyImageUrl": "",
      "BogoGetQuantity": "0",
      "BogoGetScope": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountType": "",
      "BogoGetName": "",
      "BogoGetImageUrl": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountAmount": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountCurrency": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountPercent": "",
      "PurchaseLimitQuantity": "0",
      "StartDate": "",
      "EndDate": "",
      "DateCreated": "2020-05-18T18:28:28-07:00",
      "DateLastUpdated": "2021-02-16T15:27:11-08:00", 
      "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/Campaigns/1234/Deals/10000.json"