Retrieve a click

Retrieves the click object with the specified ID value.


Rate limits

Remember that rate limits will apply if you attempt to retrieve too many specific clicks within a short amount of time.


No parameters.


Returns a click object if a valid identifier is provided. Returns an error for invalid click identifiers.

Example request

curl '<AccountSID>/Clicks/<Id>' \
  -X GET \
  -u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'

Example response

  "Id": "wfN3egVyszVLUKvxfq03O0CYUkBx3BVV60000w0",
  "CampaignId": "1000",
  "CampaignName": "Acme Partner Program",
  "ProfileId": "4dad6c94-d1e0-336b-8be6-1da701aa07f4",
  "IpAddress": "90aa44756bd2f4fc2390f903a6f25f43216b0790",
  "EventDate": "2021-04-30T00:51:31-04:00",
  "MediaId": "123456",
  "MediaName": "Acme Partner",
  "AdId": "0987654",
  "AdName": "Acme Tennis Balls (One Dozen)",
  "AdType": "CONTENT",
  "DealName": "Sports Equipment",
  "DealType": "GENERAL_SALE",
  "DealScope": "CATEGORY",
  "ProductSku": "1ABC2345",
  "CustomerArea": "855",
  "CustomerCity": "Santa Barbara",
  "CustomerRegion": "CA",
  "CustomerCountry": "US",
  "DeviceType": "DESKTOP",
  "DeviceFamily": "LINUX_MACHINE",
  "Browser": "FIREFOX",
  "Os": "LINUX",
  "ReferringUrl": "",
  "ReferringDomain": "",
  "LandingPageUrl": "{clickid}&partner={irpid",
  "SubId1": "blog",
  "SubId2": "world",
  "SubId3": "sports",
  "SharedId": "content",
  "TrafficCategory": "toolbar",
  "TrafficSource": "Impact",
  "BidKeyword": "tennis balls",
  "CpcBid": "0.0",
  "UniqueClick": "true",
  "Payout": "2.99",