List promotions

Returns a list of brand promotions available to you.


No parameters.


Returns an array of promotion objects up to a limit dictated by @pagesize. Each entry in the array is a separate promotion. If no promotions meet the criteria, the resulting array will be empty. This request should never return an error.

Example request

curl '<AccountSID>/Promotions \ 
 -X GET \ 
 -u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \ 
 -H 'Accept: application/json'

Example response

 "@page": "1", 
     "Promotions": [
         "AdvertiserId": "12345",
         "AdvertiserName": "ACME Inc",
  	     "AdvertiserLocation": "United States",
  	     "PromotionFileId": "37",
  	     "PromotionIds": "123456789",
  	     "PromotionTitle": "Save 40% on Anvils with ACME Christmas",
  	     "PromotionEffectiveDates": "2022-12-13/2023-01-01",
  	     "GenericRedemptionCode": "ANVIL40",
  	     "PromotionItemsUri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/Catalogs/ItemSearch?Query=PromotionIds='123456789'",
  	     "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/Promotions/123456789"