List all tax documents

This endpoint retrieves all tax documents for the account.


No parameters.


Returns an array of Tax Document objects up to a limit dictated by @pagesize. Each entry in the array is a separate tax document. If no tax documents meet the criteria, the resulting array will be empty. This request should never return an error.

Example Request

curl '<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments'
  -X GET \
  -u '<AccountSid>:<AuthToken>' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'

Example Response

"@page": "1",
"@numpages": "1",
"@pagesize": "100",
"@total": "3",
"@start": "0",
"@end": "6",
"@uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments.json",
"@firstpageuri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments.json?PageSize=100&Page=1",
"@previouspageuri": "",
"@nextpageuri": "",
"@lastpageuri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments.json?PageSize=100&Page=1",
"TaxDocuments": [

      "Id": "364",
      "UserId": "12345",
      "Email": "[email protected]",
      "Status": "INACTIVE",
      "EnvelopeId": "e1eb0732-c47d-453e-b836-b900cbaa5416",
      "Type": "W9",
      "SubmitDate": "2024-02-15T02:53:04-08:00",
      "UpdateDate": "2024-02-15T03:02:03-08:00",
      "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments/364"
      "Id": "365",
      "UserId": "54321",
      "Email": "",
      "Status": "NOT_VERIFIED",
      "EnvelopeId": "bcec9629-0ec4-4fe4-83b5-3639639ba19c",
      "Type": "W9",
      "SubmitDate": "2024-02-16T01:52:30-08:00",
      "UpdateDate": "2024-02-16T01:53:52-08:00",
      "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments/365"
      "Id": "366",
      "UserId": "12345",
      "Email": "[email protected]",
      "Status": "NEW",
      "EnvelopeId": "47b6c24d-f313-4343-9252-7e477f8a267c",
      "Type": "W9",
      "SubmitDate": "2024-02-23T04:32:47-08:00",
      "UpdateDate": "2024-02-23T04:32:47-08:00",
      "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocuments/366"