List all items for a store and group

A store object contains a list of groups and each group contains a list of (catalog) items. This endpoint returns a list of all (catalog) items for the specified StoreId and GroupId. The items are ordered by creation date, with the most recently created items appearing first. returns a default of 100 products if no PageSize has been specified. If a PageSize < 200 has been specified, returns the specified amount of results. If a PageSize >= 200 has been specified, will return 200 results per page (except for the last page).


Query optional

Narrows the list down based on the provided criteria.

Supported search operators
>Greater than (e.g., CurrentPrice > 10.00)
>=Greater than or equal to (e.g., CurrentPrice >= 10.00)
<Less than (e.g., CurrentPrice < 10.00)
<=Less than or equal to (e.g., CurrentPrice <= 10.00)
=Equal to (e.g., Manufacturer = 'Acme')
!=Not equal to (e.g., Manufacturer != 'Acme')
~Contains to (e.g., Manufacturer ~ 'Acme')
AND"And" operator (e.g., CurrentPrice = 10.00 AND Manufacturer != 'Acme')
OR"Or" operator (e.g., Category = 'Sports' OR Category = 'Equipment')
AND & ORYou can also combine the "And" and "Or" operators by placing them in parentheses.
e.g., (CurrentPrice <= 10.00 AND (Manufacturer != 'Acme' OR Labels NOT IN('label1','label2')) AND Gender = 'Female')
INInclude (e.g., Labels IN('label1','label2'))
NOT INNot included (e.g., Labels NOT IN('label1','label2'))

SortBy optional

Sorts list results by your chosen attributes. You can control the sort order by specifying either an ASC or DESC sort order. You can sort search results by the following attributes.

View eligible attributes

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CatalogItemId optional

Unique number Id for an item in the object.

Manufacturer optional

The person or group that makes the item.

CurrentPrice optional

Current consumer price of the item.

StockAvailability optional

Availability of the item.

View possible enum values
InStockIn stock.
OutofStockOut of stock.
BackOrderCurrently back-ordered.
PreOrderAvailable for pre-order.
LimitedAvailabilityAvailable in limited quantities.

Gtin optional

Item's 14-digit Global Trade Item Number.

Gender optional

Gender meant to use the item.

View possible enum values
MaleProduct is meant for male-identifying customers.
FemaleProduct is meant for female-identifying customers.
UnisexProduct is meant for all customers.


Returns an array of (catalog) item objects determined by the specified StoreId and GroupId, up to a limit dictated by @pagesize. Each entry in the array is a separate (catalog) item object. If no (catalog) items meet the criteria, the resulting array will be empty. This request should never return an error.

Example request

curl '<AccountSID>/Stores/<StoreId>/Group/<GroupId>/Items' \ 
 -X GET \ 
 -u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \ 
 -H 'Content-Type: application/w-www-form-urlencoded' \ 
 -H 'Accept: application/json'

Example response

 "@page": "0", 
 "Items": [ 
     "Id": "product_1000_9876543", 
     "CatalogId": "1000", 
     "CampaignId": "1234", 
     "CampaignName": "Acme Partner Program", 
     "CatalogItemId": "9876543", 
     "Name": "Acme Tennis Balls (One Dozen)", 
     "Description": "A case of one dozen professional-grade tennis balls.", 
     "MultiPack": "", 
     "Bullets": [], 
     "Labels": [], 
     "Manufacturer": "", 
     "Url": "", 
     "MobileUrl": "", 
     "ImageUrl": "", 
     "ProductBid": "", 
     "AdditionalImageUrls": [], 
     "CurrentPrice": "16.99", 
     "OriginalPrice": "16.99", 
     "DiscountPercentage": "", 
     "Currency": "USD", 
     "StockAvailability": "InStock", 
     "EstimatedShipDate": "", 
     "LaunchDate": "", 
     "ExpirationDate": "", 
     "Gtin": "", 
     "GtinType": "", 
     "Asin": "", 
     "Mpn": "", 
     "ShippingRate": "", 
     "ShippingWeight": "", 
     "ShippingWeightUnit": "", 
     "ShippingLength": "", 
     "ShippingWidth": "", 
     "ShippingHeight": "", 
     "ShippingLengthUnit": "", 
     "ShippingLabel": "", 
     "Category": "Home > Sports", 
     "SubCategory": "Home > Sports > Tennis & Golf", 
     "AdvertiserFormatCategories": "", 
     "OriginalFormatCategory": "", 
     "OriginalFormatCategoryId": "", 
     "ParentName": "", 
     "ParentSku": "", 
     "IsParent": false, 
     "ItemGroupId": "AB12345", 
     "Colors": [], 
     "Material": "", 
     "Pattern": "", 
     "Size": "", 
     "SizeUnit": "", 
     "Weight": "", 
     "WeightUnit": "", 
     "Condition": "New", 
     "AgeGroup": "", 
     "AgeRangeMin": "0", 
     "AgeRangeMax": "0", 
     "AgeRangeUnit": "", 
     "Gender": "", 
     "Adult": false, 
     "Text1": "", 
     "Text2": "", 
     "Text3": "", 
     "Numeric1": "", 
     "Numeric2": "", 
     "Numeric3": "", 
     "Money1": "", 
     "Money2": "", 
     "Money3": "", 
     "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/Catalogs/1000/Items/product_100_9876543"