The tax document object

The tax document object holds general information about tax document attributes.


Id string

The unique identifier of the tax document.

UserId string

The ID of the account user. If left out, the ID of the first user on the account will be selected.

Email string

The email address of the member user.

Status enum

In the example response above tax documents have different statuses that have been described below.

NEWRepresents a tax document that is created but has not been submitted yet.
NOT_VERIFIEDRepresents that the submitted tax document has not been verified. This is the status that will be given to a tax document immediately after submission applies to all tax documents {W9, W8BEN, W8BENE}.
ACTIVERepresents that the tax document and has been successfully verified and moved to an ACTIVE status. It means that the tax document is active and being used. Note that only one tax document is allowed to be active per account.
NOT ACTIVERepresents that the tax document is no longer being used. The tax document may have expired for the case of W8BEN and W8BENE. The tax document may have failed verification or the client has decided to submit another tax document, thus the previously active tax document will be set to INACTIVE.

EnvelopeId string

The unique identifier of the docuSign form.


The type of tax document in use.

Possible enum values

SubmitDate datetime

The date which the tax document was submitted.

UpdateDate datetime

The date the tax document was updated.

Uri string

Unique reference to the tax document object in the API.

Example Response

  "Id": "366",
  "UserId": "12345",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "Status": "NOT_VERIFIED",
  "EnvelopeId": "19402eaa-7a6a-414c-940a-8ee483183cef",
  "Type": "W9",
  "SubmitDate": "2024-01-15 08:20:27.0",
  "UpdateDate": "2024-01-15 08:20:27.0",
  "Uri": "/Mediapartners/<AccountSID>/TaxDocument"