Actions overview

The action object represents conversion events that have been credited to partners and are eligible for a payout. The actions object itself contains three main types of information:

  1. Details about the conversion event itself (e.g., OrderId)
  2. Details about the winning click (e.g., AdId)
  3. Details about the payout calculated by the system (e.g., Payout)

An action may contain 1 or more items. Items within an action typically represent individual products that are a part of the conversion event. For instance, if you are tracking a retail sale, the items could be each type of product purchased by the consumer. If you are tracking subscriptions, the item could represent the subscription level a customer signed up for.

Action updates allow you to stay up-to-date on the details and current status of all actions processed by the system. The API functions as a changelog, showing both the initial tracking of a new action and each subsequent modification made. Each record is at a line-item level, meaning that if an action represents a sale of 2 shirts at $40 each and 1 hat at $6.99, there will be one initial record for the 2 shirts and another for the 1 hat. If the customer then decides to return 1 shirt, another record will be created showing a difference in quantity, sale amount, and payout associated with the line item. Other sorts of modifications include disposition updates (e.g. when a booked hotel room results in a confirmed stay).

Note that new ActionUpdates will not be created when an action locks or is paid as those details can be inferred from the dates represented.

Action data older than 750 days cannot be retrieved.