Retrieve an item from an action

Retrieves the details of an existing action item. Requires you to pass the unique ActionId for the action requested along with the Sku or product identifier for the action item requested.


No parameters.


Returns an action items object.

Example request

curl '<AccountSid>/Actions/1000.4636.401482/Items/12345' \
	-X GET \
	-u '<AccountSid>:<AuthToken>' \
	-H 'Accept: application/json'

Example response

	"Sku": "12345",
	"ItemName": "Ninjago",
	"Category": "Lego",
	"Quantity": "2",
	"SaleAmount": "19.27",
	"SaleAmountCurrency": "USD",
	"Payout": "0.77",
	"PayoutCurrency": "USD",
	"Rebate": "1.00",
	"RebateCurrency": "USD",
	"AdjustmentDate": "",
	"AdjustmentReason": "",
	"Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/Actions/1000.4636.401482/Items/12345"