The report records object [Deprecation Planned]

The report records object holds data points generated when a call is made to run a report. You can only run a report, and to learn about each attribute found in a report records object, you will also need to retrieve report metadata for it.

The example objects are not exhaustive. You can list all reports to see all reports you have access to as well as to see what reports can be run via API.

  "action_date": "2021-03-21T23:49:31-04:00",
  "action_batch_date": "",
  "batch_id": "",
  "action_id": "12345.6789.012345",
  "Oid": "1234A5678B90C12D34EF567G89012345HIJ6K78L",
  "Status": "Pending",
  "status_detail": "",
  "sale_amount": "1E-23",
  "Payout": "10.000000000000000000",
  "bonus_cost": "",
  "client_cost": "",
  "Discount": "",
  "promo_code": "",
  "Media": "ACME Partner",
  "media_id": "50000",
  "Subid1": "",
  "Subid2": "",
  "Subid3": "",
  "shared_id": "",
  "payment_type": "",
  "Vat": "",
  "action_tracker": "Online Lead",
  "at_id": "22289",
  "property_type": "",
  "Propertyid": "",
  "property_name": ""
  "date_joined": "2019-08-27T17:17:14-04:00",
  "insertion_order": "Public Terms",
  "Id": "1910893",
  "media_partner": "ACME Partner",
  "group_name": "",
  "Type": "Direct",
  "Url": "",
  "company_phone": "8051231234",
  "Address1": "223 E. De La Guerra Street ",
  "Address2": "",
  "Address3": "",
  "City": "Santa Barbara",
  "State": "CALIFORNIA",
  "Country": "US",
  "PostalCode": "93101",
  "contact_name": "Partner Person",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "Work": "8907653161",
  "Cell": "8907653161",
  "Promotional_Method": "",
  "promotional_area": "US"