The (exception list) item object

The (exception list) item object holds information about an (exception list) item. You can create, retrieve, replace, and delete one or all (exception list) item(s) on an exception list, as well as list all (exception list) items in one exception list.


Id integer

Id of the item listed in the exception list.

Value string

What the exception list item is searching for. This will be the CATEGORY or SKU value that the exception list looks at, depending on the exception list's Type.

Name string

Name of the exception list item.

MatchMode enum

How the exception list matches what is on its list to what was purchased.

View possible enum values
EQException list looks for exact matches.
REGEXException list looks for matches using regex. When a customer purchases an item that is listed in an exception list, it must match the regular expression of how the item appears on the exception list entered in to be tracked. Learn more about regular expression. Test a regular expression.

ListId integer

Exception list's Id.

CreatedDate string

Date and time the exception list item was created. See ISO-8601.

Uri string

Exception list item's direct URI.

  "Id": "80000000",
  "Value": "Anvils",
  "Name": "White Anvil",
  "MatchMode": "EQ",
  "ListId": "00042",
  "CreatedDate": "2019-09-03T16:15:23-07:00",
  "Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/ExceptionLists/1000/Items/80000000"