Lookup a user's share URLs

This API method returns the full list of referral share links for a user. Optional filter parameters are available to return only links of a specific share or engagement medium.

Share links are made available to a customer advocate to provide to their friends and family to click and be directed to your referral program landing page.

The sharelinks are segmented by Engagement Medium, which is the channel the customer advocate accessed the program to be able to share out their referral through. For each Engagment Medium, like EMBED, a link is provided for each available Share Medium. This segmentation is used to power the Advocate analytics platform to provide information about how, and where, your users are interacting with your referral program.
For example, The WHATSAPP link from the MOBILE section is intended to be used to indicated to our system that the customer advocate accessed the referral program from a mobile device and shared their referral with their friend using Whatsapp. More information about available Share Mediums can be found in our success center.

Additionally, a clean share link is provided. If the given link is a vanity link, then the clean share link will have no encoding, for example http://example.com/free. The clean share link will have the UNKNOWN Share Medium and UNKNOWN Engagement Medium link.

Share links work by dropping a tracking cookie in the user's browser when the user clicks the link and is directed to your referral program's landing page. This cookie includes the referral code of the customer advocate that shared it. Once on your website this cookie can be read using the UTT autofill method and is also automatically picked up by our UTT library to connect referrals.

The referral code is also passed along to your referral program landing page as the URL parameter rsCode. For example http://ssqt.co/pZVp redirects to https://www.google.ca/?rsCode=JOHNDOE.

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