List all exception lists

Returns a list of your exception lists.


CampaignId optional

A program (formerly known as campaign) Id.

State optional

What state of use the exception list is in.

View possible enum values
ACTIVEException list is currently live.
CLOSEDException list has been closed out.
DEACTIVATEDException list has been deactivated by an account user.

Type optional

What the exception list looks to apply to.

View possible enum values
CATEGORYException list looks at the category an item is in.
SKUException list looks for the ProductIds listed within its configuration.


Returns an array of exception list objects up to a limit dictated by @pagesize. Each entry in the array is a separate exception list object. If no exception list objects meet the criteria, the resulting array will be empty. This request should never return an error.

Example Request

curl '<AccountSID>/ExceptionLists' \
  -X GET \
  -u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -d 'CampaignId=1000' \
  -d 'State=ACTIVE' \
  -d 'Type=CATEGORY' \

Example Response

  "@page": "1",
  "ExceptionLists": [
      "Id": "10000",
      "Name": "WhiteAnvils",
      "State": "ACTIVE",
      "CampaignId": "1000",
      "Type": "CATEGORY",
      "CreatedDate": "2019-09-03T16:15:02-07:00",
      "DeactivationDate": "",
      "ActionTrackers": [
          "Id": "12345",
          "Name": "Online Sale"
      "NumberOfItems": "2",
      "ItemsUri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/ExceptionLists/10000/Items",
      "Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/ExceptionLists/10000"