List all ads

Lists existing ads. The ads are returned by creation date, with the most recently created ad appearing first.


CampaignId optional

Unique identifier for the program (or campaign) that the ad is associated with.

Type optional

What kind of ad is provided.

View possible enum values
BANNERThe object represents a banner ad.
TEXT_LINKThe object represents a hyperlinked text ad.
COUPONThe object represents a coupon.

DealId optional

Unique identifier for for deal associated with the ad.

MobileReady optional

Whether the ad is optimized for mobile devices.


Returns an array of ad objects up to a limit dictated by @pagesize. Each entry in the array is a separate ad object. If no ad objects meet the criteria, the resulting array will be empty. This request should never return an error.

Example Request

curl '<AccountSID>/Ads' \
  -X GET \
  -u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -d 'CampaignId=1017' \

Example Response

  "@page": "1",
  "Ads": [
      "Id": "892081",
      "Name": "Summer Sale 2020 250x250",
      "Description": "Our best deals this summer creative.",
      "CampaignId": "1000",
      "CampaignName": "Acme Campaign",
      "AdType": "BANNER",
      "LandingPage": "",
      "MobileFallbacks": {
         "ANDROID": "12345",
         "IOS": "67890"
      "CustomAdServingUrl": "",
      "AdCodeTemplate": "",
      "IabAdUnit": "CUSTOM",
      "ThirdPartyServableAdCreativeHeight": "250",
      "ThirdPartyServableAdCreativeWidth": "250",
      "BannerAlternativeTag": "summersale",
      "LinkText": "",
      "CouponLinkName": "",
      "CouponAllowCustomPromoCode": "",
      "GetHtmlCodeType": "HTML_AND_IFRAME",
      "CustomisationCharge": "0.00",
      "Labels": "sale,US",
      "AllowDeepLinking": "true",
      "MobileReady": "true",
      "PhoneTracking": "false",
      "PromoCodeTracking": "false",
      "Language": "ENGLISH",
      "LimitedTimeStartDate": "2020-09-16T17:01:28-07:00",
      "LimitedTimeEndDate": "",
      "RestrictedMediaPartners": [],
      "RestrictedMediaPartnerGroups": ["Content"],
      "Season": "SUMMER",
      "TopSeller": "true",
      "DealId": "85433",
      "DealName": "Summer Sale 2020",
      "DealDescription": "The end of summer sale with great discounts and the best items",
      "DealState": "PENDING",
      "DealType": "GENERAL_SALE",
      "DealScope": "CATEGORY",
      "DealProducts": [],
      "DealCategories": "Legos,Dolls",
      "DiscountType": "PERCENT",
      "DiscountAmount": "",
      "DiscountCurrency": "",
      "DiscountPercent": "10",
      "DiscountMaximumPercent": "",
      "DiscountPercentRangeStart": "",
      "DiscountPercentRangeEnd": "",
      "Gift": "",
      "RebateAmount": "",
      "RebateCurrency": "",
      "DealDefaultPromoCode": "SUMMERSALE20",
      "MinimumPurchaseAmount": "10.00",
      "MinimumPurchaseAmountCurrency": "USD",
      "MaximumSavingsAmount": "100.00",
      "MaximumSavingsCurrency": "USD",
      "BogoBuyQuantity": "0",
      "BogoBuyScope": "",
      "BogoBuyName": "",
      "BogoBuyImageUrl": "",
      "BogoGetQuantity": "0",
      "BogoGetScope": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountType": "",
      "BogoGetName": "",
      "BogoGetImageUrl": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountAmount": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountCurrency": "",
      "BogoGetDiscountPercent": "",
      "PurchaseLimitQuantity": "0",
      "DealStartDate": "2020-09-17T00:00:00-07:00",
      "DealEndDate": "2020-09-30T00:00:00-07:00",
      "SynchAdsPromoCodes": "false",
      "DealRestrictedMediaPartners": [],
      "DealRestrictedMediaPartnerGroups": ["Content"],
      "Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/Ads/892081"