The FTP Submission Error object

The FTP submission error object holds information about error(s) that exist in an FTP file that was submitted. You can list all of the errors that exist within a specific FTP file submission. Once the error that a submission error object reports is rectified, the object representing that exact error will no longer be retrievable.


Line integer

On which line of the FTP file the error exists.

CampaignId integer

Id of the program (formerly known as campaign) that received the FTP file.

ActionTrackerId integer

Id of the event type (formerly known as action tracker) that received the FTP file.

MediaPartnerId integer

Id of the partner (formerly known as media partner) that the FTP file is submitting an event (or events) for.

OrderId string

Id of the order associated with the record in the FTP file submission.

Category string

Category for the product associated with the record in the FTP file submission.

Sku string

Unique stock-keeping unit (SKU) Id that represents the item that the ad is marketing. This Id will coincide with the item's SKU Id as it is listed in the product catalog.

Status enum

What the error is.

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ValidationErrors exist in the data submitted (e.g., data fields were not formatted correctly).
Contract ErrorSubmission contains valid data fields, but the data not meet criteria set in the contract—no payout can be generated.

Reason enum

Reason for the error existing.

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ACTION_REF_NOT_FOUNDNo referral information for the event submitted can be found.
ACTIONTERMS_NOT_FOUNDThe contract that would apply to the submission contains no terms for the event type within the submission.
ACTIONTRACKER_CAMPAIGN_MISMATCHThe event type (or action tracker) listed does not belong to the program listed.
ACTIONTRACKER_NOT_ACTIVEThe event type (or action tracker) exists, but is yet to be enabled.
ACTIONTRACKER_NOT_FOUNDThe event type (or action tracker) cannot be found.
BLACKLISTED_SOURCE_IPIf a restriction was placed on the customer's IP. This is usually a country restriction.
BLOCKED_BY_PROMOCODEPartner promoted a promo code that was not assigned to them.
CALL_DUPLICATEDetermined by duplication rules, same caller generated an action within pre-determined amount of days.
CALL_DURATION_TOO_SHORTCall event in the submission was too short to be payable.
CALL_FOR_CALL_PER_CONV_ATCall was meant to turn into a pay-per-sale, but did not reach that point.
CALL_INCOMPLETECall did not connect properly.
CALL_OUTSIDE_DAILY_RANGECall event was outside pre-determined hours.
CAMPAIGN_NOT_FOUNDProgram listed in the submission cannot be found.
CONTRACT_NOT_FOUNDNo contract for the partner existed at the time of the submission.
CONV_DUPLICATEAn action with the same OrderId was registered within the OID deduplication window.
CREDITING_RULE_MISMATCHThe event represented in the submission does not follow crediting rules (e.g., partner drove first click, but last click wins the credit).
MALFORMEDClick data is incomprehensible, or was tagged in error (e.g., a deeplink domain mismatch).
MAX_RECURRENCES_REACHEDThe referral was already credited with enough actions.
NO_ITEMNo products, items, services, etc. were contained in the sale submission.
NO_VALID_ACTION_REFA referral is present for the submission, but is not commissionable.
OID_MISSINGNo Order Id (OID) can be found for the event submitted. OrderId is a required field.
OTHER_REF_PRIORITIZEDAnother referral was prioritized for the event within the submission. This will only apply to attribution reports.
OUTSIDE_ASSOCIATION_WINDOWAction date in the submission lands outside of the click referral window.
PARTNER_NOT_ACTIVEThe partner associated with the submission was not active at the time of the submission.
REFTYPE_NOT_ACCEPTEDThe contract that would apply to the submission contains no terms for the referral used in the event being submitted.
RESTRICTED_PROMOCODEPromo code used by the customer classified the event as a whole as part of another partner's channel.
UNCLAIMEDThe event represented in the submission has only non-preferred media sources associated with it. Only applicable to legacy attribution reports.

Uri string

FTP submission error's direct URI to view only one specific FTP submission error.

More attributes

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EventCode string

Id of a mobile payable event. A legacy feature that is no longer supported.

  "Line": "2",
  "CampaignId": "1000",
  "ActionTrackerId": "00003",
  "MediaPartnerId": "10000",
  "EventCode": "",
  "OrderId": "O7777777",
  "Category": "",
  "Sku": "",
  "Status": "Validation",
  "Reason": "MALFORMED",
  "Uri": ""