The catalog object

The catalog object holds information for the product catalog(s) in your program, but not the items within a specific product catalog. You can retrieve a product catalog's information object as well as list all product catalog information objects.


Id integer

Unique identifier for the object referred to as the Catalog Id.

Name string

Name of the catalog.

Filename string

Name of the file that contains the catalog.

AdvertiserId integer

Id of the Brand (formerly known as advertiser) that owns the catalog.

CampaignId integer

Id of the Program (formerly known as campaign) to which the catalog belongs.

Status enum

What state of use the catalog is in.

View possible enum values
ACTIVELive catalogs that partners can view.
CLOSEDProduct catalogs that are closed.
DEACTIVATEDProduct catalogs that were deactivated by an account user.
PENDINGProduct catalogs that are still pending activation.

NumberOfItems integer

Amount of items in the catalog.

DateLastUpdated string

Date and time the catalog was last updated. See ISO 8601.

UploadMethod enum

How the catalog was uploaded to

View possible enum values
DIRECT_UPLOADThe catalog was uploaded directly to retrieved the catalog using an FTP server call. retrieved the catalog using a secure FTP server call. retrieved the catalog from a provided URL. retrieved the catalog from a shopping cart integration.

ShoppingCart object

An object returned from the Retrieve a catalog and List all catalogs endpoints. This object will only be returned for catalogs with an UploadMethod set to SHOPPING_CART_PULL.

"ShoppingCart": {
    "ShoppingCartType": "SHOPIFY",
    "BaseUrl": "",
    "CollectionIds": [
    "CollectionTitles": [
        "Example Collection 1",
        "Example Collection 2"
ShoppingCartType An enum with one of the following values:
BaseUrlThe URL of the store from where the products are imported.
CollectionIdsReturns any Collection Ids if they were specified when connecting your Shopify or Shoplazza catalogs.
CollectionTitlesReturns any Collection Titles if they were specified when connecting your Shopify or Shoplazza catalogs.

ItemsUri string

Catalog's item's direct URI to view one set of catalog items.

Uri string

Catalog's direct URI.

  "Id": "1234",
  "Name": "ACME Catalog",
  "Filename": "anvils.xml",
  "AdvertiserId": "7777777",
  "CampaignId": "1000",
  "Status": "PENDING",
  "NumberOfItems": "25",
  "DateLastUpdated": "",
  "ItemsUri": "/Advertisers/<AccoutnSID>/Catalogs/1234/Items",
  "Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/Catalogs/1234"