The note object

The note object holds a note about a partner account. You can create, retrieve, update, and delete a note, as well as list all notes.


Id integer

Unique identifier for the object referred to as the Note Id_.

MediaId integer

Partner account Id that this note is associated with.

MediaName string

Partner account Name that this note is associated with.

Creator string account user that created this note.

CreationDate string

Date and time this note was created. See ISO 8601.

ModificationDate string

Latest date and time this note was modified. See ISO 8601.

Content string

Note's plaintext content.

Type enum

Type of partner interaction that caused the note. Will always have a value. Defaults to NONE.

View possible enum values
EMAILThe noted interaction is an email exchange.
IMThe noted interaction is a text or instant message conversation.
NONEThe note is not founded on an interaction with the partner.
PHONEThe noted interaction is a phone call.

Attachments array

A list of the directory paths for the images attached to a note.

URI string

Note's direct URI.

  "Id": "123456",
  "MediaId": "10000",
  "MediaName": "Acme Partner",
  "Creator": "Brand Man",
  "CreationDate": "2020-09-10T10:51:23-07:00",
  "ModificationDate": "2020-10-21T14:51:42-07:00",
  "Content": "Meep Meep",
  "Type": "NONE",
  "Attachments": [],
  "Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/Campaigns/1000/Notes/123456.json"