The FTP submission object

The FTP file submission object holds information about records (e.g., conversions) or updates to records (e.g., modifications) that was submitted via an FTP batch file. You can retrieve info on an FTP file submission as well as list info on all FTP file submissions. FTP submission information is stored with for no more than 90 days.


BatchId string

Id of the batch file that the FTP file submission object is contained in.

AccountId integer

Id of the brand account that submitted the FTP file submission.

SubmissionDate string

Date and time the FTP file submission was submitted. See ISO 8601.

FileName string

Name of the FTP file submitted.

Type string

Type of record submitted.

View possible values
ConversionSubmission contained information about a conversion event.
ModificationSubmission contained information about an action modification.
ReversalSubmission contained information about a reversing an event.

Status string

Status of the FTP file submission. Will always begin as Queued.

View possible values
QueuedSubmission is queued to begin processing.
In ProgressSubmission has begun processing.
CompleteSubmission was successfully submitted. Errors may exist in the submission however.

TotalRecords integer

How many records are present in the FTP file submitted.

TotalErrors integer

How many record errors are present in the FTP file submitted.

CompletionDate string

Date and time that the submission finished processing. Will be empty if the submission is not finished processing. See ISO 8601.

ErrorsUri string

FTP file submission error's direct URI. Use this URI to view the FTP submission error object.

Uri string

FTP file submission's direct URI. Use this URI to retrieve a specific FTP file submission.

  "BatchId": "F-a1234b56-7c89-0d12-3e4f-5f6fg8h9012i",
  "AccountId": "1234567",
  "SubmissionDate": "2021-01-19T21:30:02-05:00",
  "FileName": "ActionModification.csv",
  "Type": "Modification",
  "Status": "Complete",
  "TotalRecords": "1",
  "TotalErrors": "1",
  "CompletionDate": "2021-01-19T21:30:03-05:00",
  "ErrorsUri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/FTPFileSubmissions/F-a1234b56-7c89-0d12-3e4f-5f6fg8h9012i/ErrorDetails",
  "Uri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/FTPFileSubmissions/F-a1234b56-7c89-0d12-3e4f-5f6fg8h9012i"