Retrieve a deferred deep link

Retrieves information the deferred deep linking event after an app install has occurred. This API call will be performed when the consumer first opens the app they just installed. This endpoint will only accept calls where Content Type: x-www-form-urlencoded.


CampaignId required

Unique identifier for your program (or campaign) in Viewable in the platform by selecting your account name in the top-left corner—your CampaignId is the integer in gray type under Programs.

ImpactAppId required

Unique Id that assigned to your app. This can be found on the Mobile Apps Settings page in the web app, under "System App Id".

EventDate required

Date and time this app install happened. See ISO 8601. Can be the string NOW.

IpAddress optional, unless not performed in-app

Hashed public IPv4 or IPv6 IP Address that the app install was sourced from. If the call is performed in the app, this parameter will automatically be collected by the destination server. Cannot be a private, reserved, or server IP Address.

AppleIfa recommended for Apple devices

Apple's Identifier for Advertising (IFA) assigned to every Apple device.

GoogAId recommended for Android devices

Google Advertising Identifier provided by Google Play services.

AppInstallRef recommended for Android devices

Unique Install Referrer retrieved from the Google Play Store. Learn how to retrieve this value.

AppPackage recommended

Unique app Id (aka bundle Id) for the app store used in the app install event.

View possible enum values install event occurred in the Google Play Store.
535886823App install event occurred in the iOS App Store.

CustomProfileId optional

Third party web tracking cookie. Cannot use alongside ProfileId.


Returns success attributes if the required input parameters are submitted correctly, regardless of whether a match could be made. Returns an error if create parameters are invalid or a required parameter is missing.

Example Request

curl '' \
  -X POST \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  -d 'CampaignId=1000' \
  -d 'ImpactAppId=25252' \
  -d 'GoogAId=30000000-2ab0-11cd-e23f-10g96h40000i'
  -d 'IpAddress=1234:ab56:78cd:9e01::2f3g' \
  -d 'EventDate=2020-06-11T05:56:16Z' \
  -d 'CustomProfileId=285a4ed5-5b7a-40a5-ba8f-483941e1c0da'

Example Response

  "landingPage": "",
  "clickId": "ABCD1eFG2hiJKLmNop3QRsTuVwxYZa45BcDeFG6",
  "errors": [
      "field": "CampaignId",
      "level": "ERROR",
      "message": "Invalid campaign ID (1000)"
  "warnings": [
      "field": "IpAddress",
      "level": "WARNING",
      "message": "Not a public ip address (1234:ab56:78cd:9e01::2f3g)"