Update an item in an action

Updates one of the line-items for an action by setting the values of the parameters passed. Use this endpoint to update any of the item-level details for the action such as Quantity and Amount. This endpoint supports two modes, absolute and relative where you can either specify the new quantity for this item or the change in quantity from the current value. Note that actions can be specified either by using the impact.com's unique identifier for the action (i.e. ActionId) or by using a combination of your identifier (i.e. OrderId) and the type of event (i.e. EventType).

If you want to reverse an action, use the reverse action endpoint.



impact.com allows a maximum of 1000 modifications per action. If you need to make further modifications thereafter, contact support.


ActionId required, unless using ActionTrackerId and OrderId together

Unique identifier for the action, used to specify which action you intend to reverse. Passing the ActionId can be used instead of sending ActionTrackerId and OrderId.

ActionTrackerId optional if using ActionId, required with OrderId

Unique identifier for the action tracker (or event type) that tracked the action.

OrderId optional if using ActionId, required if using ActionTrackerId

Your unique identifier for the order ID associated with the conversion in the action.

Sku required

Stock-keeping unit value of the action item to update.

Reason required

Always submit ORDER_UPDATE as the reason for an item-level update.

Quantity required

Set the quantity of an item. If an item was returned, submit 0 as the quantity.

Amount optional

Set the revenue amount for the action item. This represents the final value and does not accept relative inputs. Changing this value will affect the Payout value (a new payout is calculated according to the contract using the new Amount you submit).

Category optional

Set the category for the action item.

More attributes

More attributes

ItemName optional

Set the display name of the action item.

Rebate optional

Set the discount amount for the action item.

ItemSubTotalDelta optional

Specify the delta amount to increase or decrease the SaleAmount value for an action item. Instead of submitting Amount, you can use a positive value (e.g., 50) to increase the SaleAmount value by that number, or a negative value (e..g, "-50") to decrease the SaleAmount by that value.


The status of the request made and the URI of the API submission.

Example request

curl 'https://api.impact.com/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/Actions' \
	-X PUT \
	-u '<AccountSID>:<AuthToken>' \
	-H 'Accept: application/json' \
	-H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
	-d 'Oid=9217374917472' \
	-d 'ActionTrackerId=2240' \
	-d 'Sku=12345' \
	-d 'Quantity=2' \
	-d 'Amount=3.49' \
	-d 'Reason=ORDER_UPDATE'

Example response

  "Status": "QUEUED",
  "QueuedUri": "/Advertisers/<AccountSID>/APISubmissions/A-4632dba3-2211-4615-a62d-6e121ddcdfa1"