Integrate with Adjust can integrate with Adjust to receive attribution and in-app event data through automated callbacks.

How it works

  • In the Adjust platform, you’ll add the integration module to your app configuration, which enables the standard callbacks — Install and App Open events. Additional callbacks can be configured to suit your use case.
  • Once integrated, you'll generate an Adjust Tracker URL (or Measurement URL), append a necessary query string parameter, then set it as your mobile app(s)'s Download URL in the platform.
  • From there, you'll be able to test the integration with a test ad that will forward a user to your app's Adjust link. Events that you've configured in the integration and occur in your app will appear as Actions in the platform.

Enable the integration is an integrated module partner within the Adjust platform. The instruction set below will enable the integration, which sends App Installs and App Opens by default.

  1. In the Adjust dashboard, navigate to the Apps screen.
  2. Find your app on the page and select ^ [Options Caret].
  3. Select Partner Setup on the app tile.
  4. In the Partner Setup slide-out, select Add Partners.
  5. Use the search bar to search for impact.
  6. Next to the Impact (or Impact Radius) option, select
    to add.
  7. Add your account information:

    App ID Input the System App ID of your mobile app (
    [Vertical Ellipsis] → Settings → Mobile Apps).
    Account SID Input your account’s API Account SID case-sensitve value (
    [Vertical Ellipsis] → Settings → API).
    Authorization Token Input your account’s API case-sensitive Auth Token value (
    [Vertical Ellipsis] → Settings → API).
  8. Select Save.

Additional forwarding options



These are advanced options that may require Technical Support to verify — for assistance with configuring these options, learn how to get help & support.

There are three toggles for additional callbacks that can receive:

  • Revenue Forwarding — forwards in-app revenue amounts and revenue event data to
  • Parameter Forwarding – forwards Adjust partner parameters that collect custom data points to mapped parameters. See Parameter mapping below.
  • Session Forwarding — forwards in-app session information to; disabled by default due to the usually high volume of sessions recorded for an app.

Event Linking

If you want to send in-app events (e.g., Sale, Lead, etc.), configure these in the Event Linking section. Each event in Adjust must match a specific Event Code you’ve configured for your mobile app in

For example, if you're tracking in-app sales, EVENT-REVENUE can be set to the case-sensitive value of the Event Code for an In-app Sale that you’ve configured for your mobile app(s) in (e.g., PURCHASE)

Parameter mapping

Refer to the linked resource below for the list of parameters that retrieves from Adjust in a callback. If you have custom values outside of this list you want to send to, these can be mapped here (e.g., SomeCustomString from your app could be mapped to Text1 on the side and could be configured as a condition for payouts and appear in your reports).

See the List of all parameters forwarded to Impact in the Adjust Help Center.

Create Tracker URLs

If you have more than one app, repeat this process for both apps.

  1. In your Adjust dashboard, find your app’s tile and select Tracker URLs.
  2. In the modal, select New Tracker.
  3. For Tracker Name, input a sensible value like Impact.
  4. Select Quick Create.
  5. Once created, copy the Click URL.
  6. Append the following query string parameter to the link:


Configure mobile app(s)

This section assumes you’ve already set up an app. See Set up Mobile App Tracking in the Help Center for details on configuring a mobile app.

Update Download URL

If you have more than one app, repeat this process for both apps.

  1. In the platform, navigate to
    [Vertical Ellipses] → Settings.
  2. In the right column, select Mobile Apps.
  3. In the list, find the mobile app that you want to modify and select
    [Ellipses] → View/Edit.
  4. Find the Download URL line item and paste in the Tracker/Measurement URL from Adjust, and make sure to append the following required query string parameter:


Manage Event Codes

For each additional in-app event you’re tracking, you’ll need to configure it as an Event Code for your mobile app. Once added, this will make the event payable to partners.

  1. In the platform, navigate to
    [Menu] → Settings.
  2. n the right column under the Tracking section, select Mobile Apps.
  3. In the list, find the mobile app that you want to modify and select
    [More] → Manage Events.
  4. In the top-right corner of the screen, select Add Event.
  5. Find the In-App Events line item and select
    Add Another Event
  6. Enter the following information:
    • Enter the Event Display Name — this is simply a name for this event that will appear in the platform.
    • Enter the Event Code — Enter the Event Code for this event - it must be exactly as it appears on the Event Linking screen within the Impact Module.
    • Choose a Crediting Rule — select Install if you are looking to add an INSTALL Event Code, or select Last Click if you are looking to track the source of the last referring click to your app.

  7. Select
    Add Another Event
    to add another, otherwise select Save.

Other Resources

See the Set up Impact article in the Adjust Help Center for additional documentation on this integration.