Shopify Product Catalog

If you're integrating your Shopify store with, you can connect your product catalog to easily add an up-to-date list of your store's products.

How it works

  • You'll need your Shopify catalog URL and API credentials to your Shopify account that can use.
  • In your account, you'll create a product catalog via the platform interface.
  • Once created, will attempt to connect to your Shopify store and begin importing product listings into your account.

Gather your Shopify info

Shopify product catalog URL

  1. Head to your Shopify store landing page.
  2. In your browser, right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect.
  3. In the Elements tab, press CMD + F / CTRL + F to begin searching for myshopify — you can usually find a script that includes your catalog URL, which should be similar to: <script type="text/javascript" async="" src=""></script>

Shopify API credentials

Shopify API Key and Access Token

  1. Head to your Shopify store and select Settings.
  2. In the left navigation menu, select App and sales channels.
  3. Select Develop apps.
  4. Select Create an app.
  5. Name the app, then select Create app.
  6. From the Overview tab, select Configure Admin API scopes.
  7. Select the access scopes this app should access. You are required to give the app access to at least one of the following scopes (depending on what your setup requires).
    Scope Description
    read_inventory View product inventory amounts across multiple locations.
    read_product_feeds View product feeds.
    read_product_listings View product or collection listings.
    read_products View products, variants, or collections.
    read_locales View available locales for a shop.

  8. At the bottom of your screen, select Save.
  9. Back at the top of your screen, select the API credentials tab, then select Install app.
  10. Read the warning message, then select Install.
  11. You're going to reveal your access token next. This can only be revealed once, so get a safe place ready where this token can be copied and saved. When you're ready, select Reveal token once in the Admin API access token section, then copy and paste it into that safe place.

    This will be your API Password when you enter it into
  12. Copy your Shopify API Key and store it somewhere safe. You can find this in the API key and secret key section below the access token. This will be your API Username when you enter it into

Add your product catalog to

  1. Sign in to your account, then in the left navigation menu, select Content → Products.
  2. On the Product Catalogs screen, select Create Product Catalog.
  3. Next to Upload Method, select
    Integrated Shopping Cart Import, then in the dropdown, select Shopify.
  4. Add your Shopify store info:

    • Base URL — add your Shopify product catalog URL with an https:// prefix (e.g.,
    • API Username — add the Shopify API key that can use to access your Shopify account.
    • API Password — add the Shopify Admin API access token (not the API secret key) that can use to access your Shopify account.

  5. (Optional — expand to see instructions) Specify a Collection ID to filter your catalog by the products that are part of a Shopify collection.
    • To retrieve a Collection ID, navigate to your Shopify Admin portal, select Products → Collections → Create collection.
    • Once the collection has been saved, the Collection ID can be found in the URL of the page.
    • You may specify more than one collection by entering a comma-separated list of Collection IDs (for example “14512, 15567, 12244”) into the field.
    • If this field is left blank then the entire Shopify catalog will be retrieved.
  6. Fill out the rest of the details for your product catalog, then select Create.