Integrate with Ecwid

Ecwid by Lightspeed is an ecommerce platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses to easily create a bold, easy-to-use online store and start selling online or in-person. The and Ecwid plugin app integrates ‘s conversion tracking and reporting with your Ecwid store. The integration is done via a no-code plugin, meaning you can integrate and end-to-end test without needing web development expertise.


Integrating with Ecwid is still in beta. It currently requires:


Understand the integration limitation:

Check before integrating will complete several integration steps on your behalf. Check with your implementation engineer to ensure that the following configuration steps have been completed: Event Type, Gateway Tracking, General Tracking.

Add to Ecwid

This instruction set covers installing the app to your Ecwid store.



  1. Access this link and select Get and then Install.

  2. On the Settings screen, fill in the relevant account data. Refer to your account data below to easily retrieve this information.

    Account DataDescription
    Impact Account SID*Navigate to
    → Settings → API to find your Account SID. Copy the full case-sensitive value.
    Auth Token*Navigate to
    → Settings → API to find your Auth Token. Copy the full case-sensitive value
    Program ID*Enter your Program ID value (a.k.a Campaign ID value). To find this value, select your brand name in the top left corner of Your Program ID is shown in gray type under your Program name in the Program column.
    Event Type ID*Navigate to
    → Settings → Event Types
    . Your Event Type ID is the number in parenthesis next to the name of the event type — enter this value.
    Universal Tracking Tag (UTT)[Optional] Navigate to
    → Settings → General
    . Paste your entire unique UTT code into this field.
  3. Select Save. You'll receive confirmation that has been installed to your Ecwid store, after which you can begin end-to-end testing.

End-to-End Testing

Once the app is fully installed, you can begin end-to-end testing to ensure everything is working properly. Learn how to proceed with End-to-End Testing.


My test conversion isn't appearing in

If your test conversion isn't appearing, check the following:

  • You've waited at least 30 minutes since the test conversion occurred in your Ecwid store. Conversion reporting can take up to 2-4 hours during peak times — consider checking back later in a few hours.
  • Your Event Type ID in Ecwid exactly matches the Event Type ID in
  • Use the OrderId (OID) Lookup tool to search for the Ecwid Order ID of the test order.