Integrate with Shoplazza

The Affiliate & Influencer app in Shoplazza integrates's conversion tracking & reporting with your Shoplazza store. Our app is a no-code plugin, meaning you can integrate and end-to-end test without needing web development expertise.


Note: Integrate with Shoplazza is in beta

Our integration with Shoplazza is currently in beta. Should your experience not match the guide below, please reach out to your CSM (or contact support).

This guide covers…

  • A check that needs to be performed before integrating.
  • How to install the plugin to your Shoplazza store.
  • Full end-to-end conversion testing in your store.

Check before integrating will complete several integration steps on your behalf. Check with your implementation engineer to ensure that the following configuration steps have been completed: Event Type, Gateway Tracking, General Tracking.

Understand the integration limitations

  • Shoplazza releases new API versions every six months, and each version supports at least 12 months. If your application calls a version that is no longer supported, it will return a 404 status when calling the request.
  • To embed the app, you must contact support.
  • You can not insert meta-tags to the orders, only to the products.
  • Shopplazza does not provide support for knowing when a user uninstalls the app.



Shoplazza does not provide information about the number of items refunded but only the amount of revenue refunded. Please reach out to your CSM (or contact support) to enquire about the best way forward regarding refunds for your store.

Add to Shoplazza

This instruction set covers installing Affiliate & Influencer to your Shoplazza store.


Install Affiliate & Influencer

Begin your integration by installing the Affiliate & Influencer app within Shoplazza.

  1. In Shoplazza, log into your account and navigate to the Affiliate & Influencer app.
  2. Select Add and confirm that you would like to install the app.
  3. On the Existing or New Customer screen, under Existing Customer, select click here to set up the integration.
  4. On the following screen, fill in your relevant account data. Continue with the instructions below to access your Universal Tracking Tag.
    • See the Account Data table below for more information on how to access your account data.

    Refer to your Program Elements document for your specific account information.

    Account DataDescription
    Account SID*Navigate to
    [Menu] → Settings → API
    to find your Account SID. Copy the full case-sensitive value.
    Auth Token*Navigate to
    [Menu] → Settings → API
    to find your Auth Token. Copy the full case-sensitive value.
    Program ID*Enter your Program ID value (a.k.a Campaign ID value). To find this value, select your brand name in the top left corner of Impact. Your Program ID is shown in gray type under your Program name in the Program column.
    Event Type ID*Navigate to
    [Menu] → Settings → Event Types
    . Your Event Type ID is the number in parenthesis next to the name of the event type — enter this value.

  5. To access your Universal Tracking Tag, follow these instructions:
    • Under the Tracking section, select General.
    • Copy your Universal Tracking Tag (UTT) script. Do not change this script.
    • Paste the script into the Universal Tracking Tag field in Shoplazza.
  6. Select Save. Shoplazza will confirm that the integration has successfully been enabled.

End-to-End Testing

Once your integration is complete, you can begin end-to-end testing to ensure everything is working properly. Learn how to proceed with End-to-End Testing.