Integrate with Shopify for Product Gifting

This instruction set covers installing Affiliate Marketing on your Shopify store and inputting the authentication data needed to configure product gifting for your Creator program.

Install the app on your Shopify store

  1. While logged in to Shopify, visit the Affiliate Marketing app in the Shopify App Store and select Install.

  2. Shopify will prompt you to install Impact: Partnership Cloud. Review the details on the screen, and select Install App.

  3. Once installed, find the app in your list of Shopify apps. To begin, select Set up your integration.

Input integration settings

  1. Under the Account Settings tab, input your Impact Account SID and Auth Token.

  2. Under the Creator Settings tab, input your Creator Program ID and Product Gift Tracker.

    • To find the ID of your creator campaign's associated program, select your brand name in the upper-left corner of your account. Your program ID is shown in gray type under your program name in the program column.
    • To find the ID of your Product Gift event type, Navigate to
      [Menu] → Settings → Event Types
      . Enter the number alongside the Gift event type.

  3. Leave all remaining fields blank and select Save. You'll see a confirmation screen for the enabled integration, along with your account info.
  4. After integrating your and Shopify accounts, you'll need to take additional steps to configure Product Gifting for your creator campaign. Refer to Configure Shopify Product Gifting for further instructions.