The Advocate GraphQL API provides an API for building custom Advocate participant experiences, integrations, and admin interfaces based on GraphQL. Authentication for the GraphQL API is the same as the Advocate REST API.


There is one endpoint for working with GraphQL. If you are integrating a referral program into your site, use the tenant endpoint so that you don't need to specify your tenant_alias throughout your GraphQL queries.

  • Tenant endpoint{tenant_alias}/graphql

To retrieve your tenant alias:

  • In your account, from the left navigation menu, select   Menu → Settings.
  • From the Advocate Settings section, select General.
  • Retrieve your tenant alias from the Tenant Details section.

Access GraphQL

  1. In your account, select   Menu → Settings from the left navigation menu.
  2. From the Advocate Settings section, select GraphQL.

From this interface, you can run queries and see results.

Run GraphQL queries

  1. Enter your query in the leftmost panel (see image above as an example).
  2. Select [Run].

    • See the Documentation Explorer on the right of the screen for the complete GraphQL schema available to build queries with.
  3. See the results in the middle pane.