Additional Resources

Refer to these help documents for help with specific features.

  • Reversals and Modifications — You may wish to reverse or modify conversion events before they lock. For example, if an item is returned or if an order is cancelled or fraudulent, you can reverse or modify the details of the order to adjust the payout to the Partner accordingly. See also Batch Modifications & Reversals via FTP or Email or Batch Process Reversals Via API (Web Services)

  • Guide to Product Catalogs — A product catalog is a data feed that holds a list of your products and their metadata. Many brands will create a product catalog through their e-commerce (or shopping cart) solution, which can be exported and shared with

  • Gateway Tracking Settings — The Gateway Tracking Settings page allows you to specify what happens when a customer clicks on one of your Partner or Media Source tracking links. This includes information such as the landing page that customers will be directed to, query string parameters that will be appended to the landing page URL, and the level of customization that Partners are allowed to implement through deep linking.