The following information will help you enable Card Linked Offers (CLO) partnerships for your program.

  1. Contact support to help with creating an additional Event Type.
  2. Add the newly created CLO event to your existing terms with your partner. Learn how to add custom terms.
  3. Once the event type is created and added to the terms, provide the Event Type ID, Event Type Codes, and Program ID to your CLO partner.

    • You can also provide your Merchant IDs to your partner, to help your partner identify transactions from your users who have a relationship with the partner (e.g. have a loyalty account or have clipped an offer).
  4. Your partner needs to submit the eligible transactions to Once they do, you can view the transactions:
    1. In the left navigation select Transactions.
    2. Then select pending payoutsActions.

      • You can filter for the Event Type created earlier to see any card-linked transactions.
    3. The transactions are approved either manually or based on the rules set up between you and the partner in the contract terms. To approve any actions manually:

      • In the Actions column select
        [Drop-down menu]Approve.



If you want to manually review and reconcile transactions, consider using open-ended locking to allow for explicit approval of the actions.