Online sale conversions can be tracked and reported to via a server-side API integration.

How it works

  • A visitor is redirected to your site from an partner tracking link, which appends a unique irclickid query string parameter to the landing page URL and populates with a unique value.

  • The irclickid query string parameter value is captured by your site and stored in either a first-party cookie, or stored server-side. The effective life time of the cookie should match how long your contracts' Referral Window is set to — typically 30 days.

  • When that visitor converts, a POST request is made to the Conversions endpoint, with a payload that includes the stored ClickId value for the visitor along with the associated conversion data.



This integration requires a skilled web developer.

What to expect

This integration guide is simplified into two primary steps.

  1. Complete the Installation steps on your site — this involves developing and implementing a method to capture the ClickId value and make server-side API calls to the Conversions endpoint of the Brand API.

  2. Complete an End-to-End Test on your site — create a test partner account and complete a full test of following an tracking link, completing a test conversion, and verifying that the reported conversion data both appears in your account and is accurate.

Once the two main steps are completed, reach out to your Onboarding contact for a final Tech Verification from the team — we'll verify that everything looks good from our side.